Bridge for Peace Australian Mission Healing Testimonies of Holy Spirit Power exceeded the space in our newsletter! Here are more great witnesses in the Australia report!


“I’d like to see my ankles again.” Her legs were swollen with arthritis, she was about 48, I’ll call her Joan. The pain was overwhelming, she was on the heaviest dose of drugs possible. She was angry with her parents, but thank God, as my prayer team encouraged her, Joan chose to forgive them.

I sat on the floor before Joan, she had her feet in my lap, her eyes closed. I could feel the weight of her feet lessen. “How do you feel?” “Heavy, but light?” Two ladies from the church who had taken our afternoon workshop were serving on healing team with me. I could tell Joan’s feet were no longer resting in my lap, but my prayer partners couldn’t see that from their vantage point. Her feet kept floating up, even the ladies could see them rising now and their eyes were bulging out of their heads. I smiled, nodding at them. Joan’s legs floated up until she was sticking them straight out, parallel to the floor. I was happily astonished, watching the Holy Spirit’s power made visible. The other ladies were gaping.

Finally, Joan opened her eyes. “Oh! I can’t do that!” She had no clue her legs were floating in the air. After a while she said, “I’m tired.” She put her feet down. “I can see my ankles!” She was able to stand and talk to people in the church without limitation, a totally new experience. Praise Jesus!


Sally prayed for a woman with arthritis in her neck. I spoke with the woman later and she said, “I hadn’t been able to turn my head when backing the car out of the garage. After Sally prayed for me, I went home from church and backed the car into the garage. My neck is free!”


God’s light shined through 51 years-old Meg—that was obvious the first moment I saw her. Also obvious was the malformation on the back of her neck at the collar area and the raised shoulder that appeared related to it. She had a disc problem. As to the lump, Meg wrote to me later and said, “I was told by a physio (physical therapist) it would only get worse…” Bruce, Meg’s husband of 30 years, and her friend prayed over her in the Bridge for Peace workshop. My heart was lifted up as I saw Meg’s malformation reduce and her shoulders come into better alignment. Her friend’s face radiated joy, eyes popping with excitement. Her friend hugged me, “Thank you, thank you for coming!” She squeezed me for emphasis! (Our thanks go to Jesus and to you, His friends who sent us!)

In Meg’s words, “Jesus healed my neck pain and I can now turn my head fully to the left and right, which has not been possible since I woke up one morning with what turned out to be two prolapsed discs, one of which was pressing on a nerve. This injury happened in 2002. My body had other pains that are now gone as well.”

The workshop was in the afternoon, but we had a service in the church that night. “You minister with me tonight, Meg.” I said. She hesitated saying she felt she had a lot of emotional things to deal with and while she would like to pray for people, and used to pray for people, she didn’t feel she could now. I replied, “You stand with me and we’ll pray together. It will be fine.” Meg’s love for God and compassion for people shone as she served that night in the power of the Holy Spirit. She wrote later, “Because of the things I learned about myself in therapy, I lost hope and I felt disqualified from ministry… Ministry for me was always fun, I don’t mean that in a trite way, doing things with God, serving Him was joyous beyond anything I have ever experienced in life. I have experienced that joy again now, thank you Lord.”

Some transformations can be seen, others take place in the heart. Meg wrote, “I believe Jesus also did inner healing too, because the restfulness I experienced after payer was wonderful…this is when He brought me hope.”

Meg and Bruce are studying Bridge for Peace Foundation in Healing and watching the DVD together. “We are looking forward to working our way through the book and learning and growing in God, thank you so much for making this resource available.” Thank You, Jesus for all You have done for us!


“How are you tonight?” I asked the man who appeared to have Parkinson’s Disease. “Ask me after prayer,” he replied. I spoke on “Focus on the Goal” that night, and I saw him listening intently. As the team prepared to pray, I went to him. Sally and Elena were also drawn to pray for him. God had given me a word of encouragement for the gentleman. After sharing that, I moved on knowing the ladies would pray with Holy Spirit power. Later, Sally said, “His whole face transformed when you gave him that word.” I saw it, too.

Sally said, “I asked if he had anyone to forgive. He said, ‘Yes. I keep a book of everyone who has ever hurt me.’” We spoke a bit and he did choose to forgive. Finally, he said, “I’m going home to burn the book!” His tremors reduced.

To whom it may concern: You might be stunned to read this man kept a physical book of wrongs done to him. But how often do we excuse ourselves for writing chapters of how we were offended in our minds. Burn the book, forgive and start to live the good life God has planned for you. It’s sinful to look for satisfaction in brooding over hurts and planning revenge. Realize Satan is tempting you. Forgive others, and ask God to forgive you for holding unforgiveness. Start experiencing the fullness of life God has for you.


A fourteen year old girl sang with the worship group last year when the Bridge for Peace team came to her town. This year she joined the worship group to lead praise during a Bridge for Peace training session. She sought Ed and me out at the lunch break and said, “I thought it was going to be boring. Instead, the message touched me, I had prayer from Ed and was healed of my depression! When I found out today was six hours I thought, Oh, no! What will we do for six hours...But it’s been like, where has the morning gone!.... “My little sister has been really sick with stomach problems. They sent her for tests, but no one knows what it is…I told her, “I’m bringing you to Bridge for Peace when they come. Jesus will heal you.” (This fifteen year old received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues in the morning session. In the afternoon she learned how to lay hands on the sick and pray for their healing.)

That evening she came to me and said, “I went home and laid my hands on my sister. I was going to speak to her pain in Jesus Name and tell it to leave, like we did today in the workshop. So I put my hands on her and then I started praying, but the gift of tongues just gushed out!” Thank God. Our hopes were fulfilled. Empowered and equipped, she doesn’t have to wait for anyone to come and pray for her loved one. She now knows how to pray in the Name of Jesus for His glory.


After 74 years of deafness and wearing double hearing aids, the lady received healing through Jesus Christ of both ears! After that she asked for prayer for her cataracts. Her vision cleared and she was able to read without her eyeglasses, the print in the Bible.


A gentleman, I’ll call Paul, about 45 years of age, had prayer during a Bridge for Peace workshop. He was a truck driver and had to shift through ten gears, but his knee had been jamming. He pounded on his knee, demonstrating what he had to do to get his knee to function. The “remedy” looked very painful; I could only imagine the discomfort his problem caused him. After prayer, Paul declared himself healed! He came forward and testified, displaying the flexibility of his formerly stuck knee.

Ed asked if Paul would help out in the next phase of the workshop. Ed was about to show the attendees a way to pray for people who had problems of the spine. Paul said he would be glad to help. Paul sat, then Ed lifted Jack’s feet, measuring them. One leg was significantly longer than the other. As Ed prayed, the leg shot out to equal the other leg. When I took my eyes from Paul’s feet to look at him, I was surprised and moved to see tears running down Paul’s face. He said, “I had a rickshaw accident when I was ten years old. My leg was caught...” Paul received and unexpected blessing as he volunteered to serve others. Glory to God.


A small lady came with big pain. Her movement was limited. Checking out her flexibility after prayer she exclaimed, “Oh, oh!” She began strutting around the room, stopping every few yards to wriggle, testing out her newly freed body and thanking Jesus Christ. The crowd burst into holy laughter, filled with joy at her antics that glorified God in an unusual way!


A lady with painful heel spurs that caused her to hobble was totally delivered from all pain. She was so surprised when she stood and walked that she shouted and raised her hands high—something she wouldn’t normally do. Praise burst from her for Jesus her healer. I prayed for a lady with pain in her hands and feet. She normally wore orthotics. Glory to God, the pain in both hands and feet was healed. She took out the orthotics and walked away thanking God. I saw her again several days later at another place of ministry. She was still praising God for her healing.


A tall kind man had a fused ankle and arthritis in the big toe of his other foot. His inability to flex the ankle had been a problem to him for various reasons. Gillian and I prayed for him. He felt pain leave. He stood. Gillian and I heard two big cracking sounds from his ankle as he began to rise on tippy toes. He stood before us saying, “I haven’t been able to do this!”


One Tuesday morning we ministered at Praise on High–a church on High Street. It was normally their Bible study morning, but they had invited Bridge for Peace to minister. The pastor asked for prayers for his co-pastor who had been in a very serious car accident. “His ankle was crushed.” Immediately, I thought of the man who received healing the night before, the man whose ankle had been fused. I entered into prayer with the faith-filled congregation for the copastor, Phil.

A few days later, the team was at the hospital ministering to Pastor Phil. I spoke with his wife on the phone before we left Australia. She said his upcoming ankle surgery had been cancelled! Also, she had purchased a Bible Promise Book at a Bridge for Peace meeting. When Phil had developed a fever in the hospital, she sat and read the promises of God to him. His fever broke!

Noteworthy: During our hospital visit, Gillian went into the adjoining room to collect an additional chair for our visit to Pastor Phil. A patient in the room saw her Bible and asked if Gillian was a minister. She explained that she was there to pray for the pastor. He said, “I’m a pastor, too.” Gillian shared the story and when we finished in one room, we all trooped into the adjoining room to pray for him. A double blessing for us. As I understand it, the two pastors got together afterward!


Last year Ed prayed for a man who had pain throughout his body. The prayer group leader asked him to testify the next week. He said he wanted to wait to see if it was “real”. He wanted to see what the doctor would say. One year later he came back to give witness that through the healing power of God he had been freed from all pain.


A lady came up to me on the prayer line and said, “Annette, you prayed for me years ago and all of my diabetes was healed.”


A man said to me, “Remember when you prayed for that lady with arthritis?” I remembered well the instance he referred to. Her hands were crippled. She fell to the floor and her arms spontaneously raised to heaven. Then she returned to her pew and her formerly crippled hands were clapping to the music. “Her hands are fine. No one could believe what they were like. Her husband is still amazed.”


A lady was greatly distressed by watch she described as a burning esophagus. She had medication, but not much relief. We prayed, she felt God moving in her throat. I encouraged her to remain seated and let the Holy Spirit continue to minister to her. Later, she came up to me and touching her throat she said, “All the burning is gone.”

Uganda 2011



This young girl was mute and had no ability to sit still and focus, her head constantly moving, eyes wandering. After prayer there was no indication of change. A few minutes later I turned to see her sitting next to me, fully engaged. I said, “How are you?” She stunned me with the reply, in perfect English, “I am fine.” Her first words! She stayed with me the remainder of the afternoon indicating a desire to pray for others as I had for her.


Winifred, a mother from Hima, approached me and said, “Karen do you remember me? Five years ago when you were here, you prayed for my daughter in the healing room. I held her in my arms, she was suffering from malaria, diarrhea, a terrible skin rash, she wasn’t eating, and she was very thin. The doctors gave up hope. After prayer, when we returned home, she began to eat and gain weight and improve. She has not been sick a day since and is excelling in school! Praise Jesus and your wonderful ministry.”


Sally & Tim:

Prayed for this little boy who was wracked with pain in his chest. He had severe asthma, he was having trouble breathing. Prayed for him told him how much Jesus loved him. After awhile we asked him to take a few deep breaths. He said all the pain had gone. The joy on his face said it all. I think he was more excited  when I gave him a lollipop.


I prayed over 3 days for this little girl called Anna. She had water on the brain and her head was larger than normal. After praying with her the first time I asked her Mum if I could hold her hands and see if she could stand. She was able to stand for the first time. I asked a lady from the African Prayer team to keep praying for her. The next day when I returned to the healing rooms I saw that Anna was now walking holding the African ladies’ hands. Again we prayed for her. On the third day I glanced down the back of the healing rooms and Anna was standing alone and I watched as she took her first steps. Praise God!


We prayed for a lady who was blind in one eye. When we laid hands on her she became extremely agitated—her whole body started shaking and thrashing about. So, we cast out the demon. She was at peace. I asked her how her eye was. She said she could now see colors and light but nothing else. We continued praying but saw no improvement.  We asked her if there was someone she hadn’t forgiven. She said there was, so we continued to pray and asked her to hand that person over to Jesus and to forgive them. When we removed our hands from her eyes she said she could see. Thank you Jesus.

We prayed for a young man that had been carried in on a mat.  He was laying at the back of the healing rooms.  He couldn’t walk and had some disease that we were unsure about, he looked near death.  The next day this young man stood in front of us in the healing line and said, “I’m healed. I was that man at the back on the mat that you prayed for. I looked down the back of the healing rooms and the mat was empty. Praise Jesus!

Prayed with a man sitting on a mat that couldn’t walk and had speech problems. He had severe pains in his legs  He could hardly talk, his wife spoke for him.  We prayed for him and he said that his pain had gone.  We asked him to stand. Suddenly he began speaking clearly and we could understand everything he said.  He started to walk and took off across the healing rooms.



Janet held out a bolt of deep green batik cloth, bowed her head in a graceful gesture of respect and said, “Please receive this small gift from my heart as a thanksgiving.”

In 2006, the doctor sent Janet home. As Janet wrote in her testimony, “finally, I will have to die.” Her lungs were filling with water. Her liver and pancreas were not functioning well. Her deteriorating body was exuding bile. Five years ago, she came to Fr. Peter’s garage at 11pm where our Bridge for Peace team was praying for the villagers. Janet was miraculously restored by Jesus Christ that night. “I thank God for every work He has done for me, especially when God healed me when I was greatly suffering. I continue thanking Reverend Peter Basaliza for his good relationship with these visitors who have come to spread the word of God.” Today, Janet continues to be well and walks from place to place testifying to the greatness of God.


A lady came to Hima with a need for healing and a story to tell. The previous week she had dreamed a Mazunga (white person) was praying for her. The next night in her dreams the Holy Spirit told her, “Go to the conference.” She didn’t know of any conference. A few days later her friend called her to say, “There is a conference being held at Hima. Americans are there. Why don’t you go?” She received prayer and God healed her, our God who still speaks specific directions through dreams.



This man suffered from frozen shoulders and couldn’t raise his arms. After prayer he felt very hot (an indication of the Holy Spirit’s power) and instantaneously experienced an 80% return of mobility in his arms and shoulders. Praise God!


A lady complained of pain from stomach ulcers. In addition, her husband had bitten her eight years prior and she still had pain at the site.


Through the power of God she willingly forgave her husband and immediately the pain from the ulcers and the bite left. Glory to God!


A woman could only see black. She experienced pain in both knees. We prayed. Praise God, she left with clear eyesight and pain-free knees.



A young girl was malnourished, lethargic, and she had never walked before. After prayer she was put down on the ground and ran unaided to her mother.


In the healing room there was a woman blind in the left eye. The power of God was increasing at this time. After prayer she covered her good eye and was able to read my name tag. Praise the Lord!


A paralytic boy, twisted and unable to talk just lay on a mat and made noise. Every time I prayed in the name of Jesus a smile crossed his face. Gradually, his head was able to turn. Then his arms, legs, and body began to change. He sat up! Then he was able to stand assisted and take a step. People were clapping and praising the Lord. His mother sat silently, rocking back and forth, eyes shut and deep in prayer. A sight I shall never forget. Praise the Lord!


Kevin: People with the following illnesses were MIRACULOUSLY HEALED:

  • Malaria symptoms: fever, shaking, nausea
  • Legs paralyzed from hips down
  • Pain in thighs and blind in one eye
  • Hepatitis B: had symptoms of itching skin all over which ceased
  • 10 yrs of pain in legs
  • Young boy only nearsighted, long vision healed
  • Woman was at the hospital that morning for tests. Hospital couldn’t find reason for pain in head, arm, leg. I prayed fire of Holy Spirit on her. She said, “I’m sweating.”
  • Couldn’t move leg
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rib Pain
  • Pain from miscarriage surgery
  • Leg and head pain
  • Pain which moved to different parts of the body
  • Poor hearing, pain in larynx
  • Deaf in one ear, pain in throat, lungs, heart pain
  • 3 yr old with constant intense itching eyes. Never stopped rubbing them since infancy.


Prior to leaving for Uganda God had been encouraging us to move in the Word of Knowledge gift of the Holy Spirit. It became indispensible in dealing with the thousands who attended the meetings. The team stood and spoke to the crowds as the Holy Spirit gave revelation, naming various conditions that He was healing. Here is a small sampling of the many hundreds healed by this ministry:

  • 3 years of eye pain
  • Back and knee pain as well as a pus discharge from the eye
  • Excruciating shoulder pain
  • Woman crawled to conference, now walking
  • Shoulder pain from high blood pressure
  • Knee problem, 7 years using a stick (cane)
  • Pneumonia
  • Chest pain from cough
Long Island, New York
Claire has nodules on her thyroid.  Tests revealed the nodules were getting larger and she was scheduled for a needle biopsy to rule out malignancy.  She came to Bridge for Peace for hands-on prayer believing in faith in God’s power to heal her.  Ed asked Claire to feel the nodules before we prayed so she could check them again for a change.  As Ed and the prayer team prayed Claire experienced God’s healing power at work in her.  After we prayed for Claire, she again checked the site of the nodules and said that they had shrunk through faith.  Further medical tests confirmed the nodules are benign.  Claire believes God for total remission.
As Claire was prayed over, her 2 ½ year old daughter Kate sat on her lap.  Kate sat in quiet wonder as Ed invoked the name of Jesus and the healing power of His blood over her Mom.  Claire later mentioned that Kate had been awake most of the night because of teething pain.  Ed asked Kate for permission to touch her face and she shyly nodded in agreement as Ed prayed for tooth pain to be cancelled in the name of Jesus.  Upon their return home Kate joyfully told her Mom that her tooth pain was ‘all gone’.
About two weeks later Kate asked her Mom, “Who is that doctor who touched my face and made the pain go away?”  Claire explained, “His name is Ed and although he is not a doctor he is a man who loves God very much and he asks God to heal people.”  Kate was not buying that explanation and gleefully responded, “I like doctor Ed.  I want to go see doctor Ed again!”
Franklin Square, New York
A friend told Father Isaac about Annette and Ed, a married couple who run “Bridge for Peace,” an organization focused on healing through prayer. Rev. Isaac went to see them at St. Catherine’s Church in Franklin Square, New York in February, 2006. The Eckart’s prayed over Rev. Isaac. He said,


“They gave me the Bible to read and each time they prayed over me, I could read a little more. They prayed three times and each time my vision was better.


I went back to Dr. A. The leakage had stopped. Dr. A gave me a test and he was surprised. He was able to put the left lens in without further surgery. Now the vision in my left eye is perfect. No pain, no redness."


On March 4, 2008, Rev. Isaac went back to Dr. A, his ophthalmologist for an annual check-up. The doctor said his eyes are fine. Dr. A expressed surprise at the healing of Rev. Isaac’s eyes.






“I have had two spinal operations seven months apart. Doctors said I would need a third operation that would result in a spinal fusion with plates and pins in the lower spine. I have had lots of difficulty walking and have to use a walking stick. It looked impossible that I’d be able to resume my career as a Teacher’s Aide. I came straight from the hospital to the (Bridge for Peace) healing service. I went up for prayer and as I was being prayed for I got up out of the chair and started walking around with no walking stick and no pain! Then I ran up and down a flight of stairs with no assistance. I am going home without the walking stick and definitely without the pain.”




“I received a fresh outpouring of all that God was giving me—love, peace, joy, healing.”


“I had prayers for a fear of heights which I had since childhood. It restricted my enjoyment of the outdoors, particularly bushwalks, as I stayed way back as everyone else enjoyed the lookout points and the great views. God was gracious and set this captive free. When I returned home my husband held the ladder and I was able, for the first time, to climb up on the roof of our house, my fear of heights gone. What an awesome God we serve!”


Elizabeth: “Praise the Lord. I can move my neck freely without pain. Couldn’t look over my shoulder, now I can move my neck back and forward, side to side, without restriction or pain. I feel warmth throughout my body. I feel lighter—something has lifted. I give praise and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.”




“I have fibromyalgia. My left side was in great pain. After prayer I have NO pain. Praise the name of Jesus.”




Jennifer: "My knee began hurting while sightseeing on Mt. Fuji during a recent trip to Japan. By the end of the day the pain was nauseating. I modeled a kimono for three hours at a political reception that evening, afraid to walk, afraid to sit; afraid that I might collapse at any moment. I contacted my husband afterward via Skype and asked him get the family prayer wheel going. He contacted Ed and Annette and they began praying as well.


A colleague on the trip supposed I had a torn meniscus. As a dancer, that worried me. My pain was obvious, and I was open about the prayer medicine I was depending on—a wonderful witness, because, thanks be to God, three days later when I had my first performance in Japan, my knee was nearly normal, and I'm fine today. I don't know what caused the pain, but I know Who healed it!"


Shirley, New York


Bodie wrote, "I want to thank God for what He has done for me, not only in my body, but in my heart. While exercising one morning, I felt a muscle tear in my calf. I hadn’t warmed up before jumping in and was in terrible pain. I couldn’t put much pressure on that leg and it was difficult to walk. For two days I tried to manage with the pain. I was afraid I needed to seek medical help. The next day my wife and I were helping out at Ciao Roma (see article below), a Bridge for Peace Fundraising dinner. My wife thought I should stay home, but I wanted to go and cook spaghetti and help out.


That night was difficult, but I pushed through the pain. Two Bridge for Peace team members, Nora and Toby, prayed for me. I felt heat in my leg as they prayed, but still had pain. Nora smiled at me and said that I’d be better tomorrow. Ed also prayed for me before I left that night. The next morning I still had pain. When I walked, I favored that leg to try to minimize the pain. My wife and I went to church. The priest’s sermon moved my heart as he spoke about the need for our heart to be pliable, open to hear things God may want to say or show us.  As I went up to receive Communion, I heard God say, “Don’t be afraid to walk on your leg, I’ve healed you.” I felt His presence. Instantly the pain was gone, and I could walk normal again. I was healed!


I think God did something in my heart that day as well. I always knew He could heal me, but this day He opened my heart to believe He wanted to heal me. Thank you Jesus!"




Rev. Michael: "On May 14th 2009 I felt discomfort and pain in my chest. The next morning Linda took me to the emergency room. The next day, after emergency surgery, I was told that my appendix had ruptured and gangrene had spread throughout my abdominal cavity. Everything was a whirl and I was helpless.


Even after surgery my health was deteriorating. By May 24th it had been determined that a second surgery would be necessary to release my colon that had become bound by adhesions from abscesses on my intestinal wall.


I knew that another surgery would finish me. I was so weak that I had a hard time praying, and a hard time understanding what was going on around me. I could not even focus enough to ask the Lord to help me. I needed the Lord to carry me because I could no longer carry on in my own strength.


The second surgery was scheduled for Memorial Day, May 25th 2009.  The night before surgery I received a visit from Ed and Annette Eckart of Bridge for Peace. (Ed later told me that when he entered the room and looked at me he thought that I was dying—I am sure I was!)


I remember they prayed that the Lord would receive the glory. Ed and Annette prayed for about forty five minutes. At some point during the prayer I felt and heard a gurgling sound in my abdomen. I asked Ed and Annette if they had heard it, too. They had. I knew then that I had been healed.


The night before the surgery I was walking the corridor of the hospital outside my room. This was at 5:00 a.m. Memorial Day, May 25th, 2009. I prayed, asking the Lord to be with me. Almost immediately I heard a voice saying:"




"I received that word and went back to my room. At 8:30 a.m. my doctor came into the room and decided to cancel my surgery. He gave me 24hrs saying that if my condition reversed  I would immediately have surgery.


There was no reversal. I was healed by the Lord through the prayers of the Lord’s faithful servants, Ed and Annette Eckart, and I still stand on the word He gave me.


I was released from the hospital 18 days after my emergency surgery. In August, I was told that I was completely recovered, and since then I keep moving from strength to strength. The Lord carried me!


I am convinced that I would not be here writing this testimony if the Eckarts had not been obedient in coming to pray for me."


Cincinatti, Ohio


Hope: 8 years old with autism and seizures is having significantly fewer seizures. She has a very sweet spirit and likes to sing and praise God.


Gifford reported healing from paralyzing negative thoughts.


Cheryl: "I have been healed of chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivities. Jim (my husband) has been living with a very low white blood count secondary to rheumatoid arthritis. Because of this, whenever he spikes a fever, he has to be hospitalized. Saturday we had to go to the ER because he was running a fever of 101.4.  We were sure we were facing a fifth hospital admission and I put the word out to our intercessors.  When we arrived, he had a normal temp AND HIS WHITE COUNT HAD COME UP (the first time in weeks). The doctor expressed concern that it was still a low count, but we were ecstatic because it was moving in the right direction. They gave him IV antibiotics and sent him home. (Jim has a wonderful witness of being healed of a heart attack that occurred while in flight to San Francisco in 2007. I was with him and knew the sustaining power of the Lord throughout those tentative days. Doctors declared it a miracle.)" Millie, my 90 year old mother, has had partial sight restored.


Greenport, New York


Sweet four-year-old Evelyn had what she called “a monster” in her ear. She had her tonsils out when she had an ear infection. Since then, she had been deaf in her left ear. In moments, God touched her and she began to hear distinctly at four feet behind her, prior to prayer she heard absolutely nothing. It was late at night; she began to grow tired and leaned up against me as we prayed.  With her restored hearing, she became the center of attention. Beyond the four feet she could now hear sound, but the clarity had not yet been restored. Then, Evelyn told her mother in Spanish, “The monster in my ear is all gone.” “All gone?” her mother asked.  She nodded her head very definitely yes!


Glory to Jesus Christ, Who cast down satan, the monster.


Middle Village, New York


The Prayer Group is experiencing the power of God to heal:


H. was healed of pneumonia and is walking without a cane. R. healed of back pain. And S. healed of bladder and scalp cancer! May God continue to bless you all!


Medford, New York


“God has given me great strength through my good friends at Bridge for Peace.”


“My biopsies came back fine. Praise God!”




“Dear Annette, I was diagnosed with liver cancer Sept. ‘08 and given 12 months to live...I was fortunate to have you pray with me for return of good health in Oct. ‘08 at a meeting in Australia. Blood tests have just revealed that the cancer has gone!




Medford, New York


E. completely healed from severe emotional mental illness and depression she had for 2 yrs. No sadness, no crying, no depression. She woke up and her husband said she was absolutely radiant. Everything about her changed overnight.


“Bridge prayed for my friend. She had ovarian cancer and I praise God she is healed!” J.R.


“Pain gone in my knees; fibroids shrunk; did not need surgery! Thank You, Jesus.”


Port Jefferson, New York


I wanted to share with you both how you have touched the life of my precious son, W., and thank you for your service in the Lord! 


Karen, thank you so very much for your prayer of healing for W. last week, for his chest, allergies and congestion.  His situation was resolved within days, and it had lingered for weeks and weeks.  It has been such a testimony for a 5 year old, to know that He has a God that cares for him, and that there are people who serve the Lord in joy and minister in His word. 


Kevin, last week you played a song that we know well - Open the Eyes of my Heart... W. was SO EXCITED to hear that song, now it has to be on all the time in my car.  Today, he came home from school sick (but he's not really sick, he just wants down time alone) and the first thing he did was to get his brother’s guitar and sat to play that song, and it was so cute. Most importantly, as I said above, thank you so much for your testimony to my young child, for your service in faith and joy. 


You both often come to my heart in prayer.


New York


My daughter took me to the doctors and they gave me a clean bill of health. Daily the Almighty God is strengthening my body, I praise His Holy Name.  May my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you all and keep you all in His care always. Thank you!  M.G.




“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for my son. My son has fully recovered from being clinically depressed.”




“I am having a lot of body pains, and since I came to Germany the pains have persisted. I thought it was Malaria and have taken the medicine without success. I need your prayers please.”


Days later we received: “I am so happy that the day I wrote to you to pray for my body pains, they reduced greatly.”  Rev. P.M., Uganda and Germany