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Bridge for Peace Foundation for Healing Bible Study

The Bridge for Peace Foundation for Healing Bible Study is a balance of spirit, heart and intellect, the fruit of twenty years of ministering healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Learn and grow as you respond to questions that explore scripture and invite you to reflect on your experience.  Read about miracles today and nurture your faith.  The previously released Foundation for Healing DVD relates Annette’s experience of healing through Jesus Christ worldwide.  This 12 week bible study expands your awareness of Jesus’ healing grace in your life.  ~ US $15.95, AU $19.95


Companion DVDThe 4 hour Companion DVD is conveniently divided into 12 titles that can be shown weekly before the bible study group.  Each title has 20 minutes of Annette’s dynamic teaching and experience of healing through Jesus Christ worldwide. This DVD is an invaluable tool to maximize your study experience.  ~ $25


Special: Bible Study plus DVD.   ~ $35


“I received a miraculous healing when the Eckarts prayed for my eyes.  On mission in Ghana we saw hundreds of healings.  I highly recommend this study to everyone who wants God’s power released in their lives.”

Rev. Isaac Mensah, Chaplain, Veteran’s Hospital, Bedford, MA


“I’ve personally seen the Lord heal people through His servants in Bridge for Peace.  You will be blessed as you study scripture and testimonies in the Foundation for Healing Bible Study.”

Dr. John Palmer, Psychologist, Long Island, New York


“For seasoned believers and brand-new Christians alike, this study will edify all who desire to grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the healing power present in the blood of Christ.”

Kathleen Deyer Bolduc, MA, Families of Children with Disabilities, Cincinatti, Ohio


Holy Chutzpah: Walking in Godly Boldness (hardcover) by Annette M. Eckart

Holy Chutzpah is sanctified boldness, God-fearing daring, heaven-born nerves of steel--all Holy Chutzpah qualities. Holy Chutzpah People advance the Kingdom of God by living daring kindness, radical forgiveness, and unflinching generosity. These inspirational true stories of everyday people help you realize your hidden capacities. Accompanying scripture encourages you to remember your rich heritage. Tap into the holy audacity that can remold your relationships and our world. Holy Chutzpah--God created you to be bold!~ US $15.00

Other Inspiring and Practical Teachings
Grace & Peace (CD Set) Triumph over turmoil through God’s grace and peace. Annette shows how the combination of compassion toward people and outrage toward the enemy results in holy boldness. Learn how to walk confidently in God and live in serenity. Enjoy grace and peace.  ~ $17



Holy Mindset (CD) Annette urges you to cultivate a Holy Mindset and surge ahead in the extraordinary plan God has for your life. She teaches scripture and shares personal experiences to convince you of God’s total provision through the cross of Jesus Christ. She helps you to grow increasingly confident in God. Become hardheaded against the plans of the enemy. Live a Spirit filled abundant life through an unshakable and Holy Mindset.  ~ $10






Lord, touch my Heart move my Hands (CD) The Holy Spirit touches our hearts with love to motivate our hands to do God’s work. Annette shares her story of continuous surrender to the Holy Spirit that has led to the worldwide ministry of Bridge for Peace. She encourages you to experience victory in your present circumstances through Proverbs 14:1. “Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman pulls it down with her own hands.”   ~ $10





Hope (CD) “Those who Hope in Me will not be disappointed.” Isaiah 49:23 Hope is the holy bones of our faith. Every “skin” (our beliefs, words, actions) we fit over the holy bones has to be shaped by our confidence in Jesus Christ resurrected. Any other “skin” will bind, chafe, and restrict us. Cast off oppression, receive Holy Spirit power and ease. What glad relief of mind, body, and spirit when we put a supple “skin” on the holy bones.  ~ $10



God Esteems You – Lessons in Self Esteem (CD Set) This CD set is nearly three hours of Annette’s teaching on self-esteem, as a tool that you can refer to over and over again. Recorded live in New York, Annette confronts tendencies to delay and postpone, encouraging you to grow to your full potential. Self-esteem suffers when we set goals based on cultural pressure, rather than God’s expectations. Annette delves into scripture for solutions to correct distortions in our self images. She says, “Godly self-esteem is crucial to your fulfillment of God’s plan for your life.” Jesus said, “I know where I came from and I know where I am going.” John 8:14. Annette’s hope is that her teaching will help you to be able to say the same!  ~ $17

Arrest That Thought – Strategies to Take Charge of Negative Thought Patterns (CD) A man with an anger problem asked Annette for prayer. She said, “What you are thinking you will eventually say. You need to ‘hear’ the negativity in your head and ARREST THAT THOUGHT.” Her scriptural teaching helped him as well as others plagued by anxious thoughts, painful memories or persistent temptations. Annette decided to make a CD that could help you ARREST THAT THOUGHT and discover the truth of 1 Corinthians 2:16 that says “…we have the mind of Christ.”  ~ $10
Power for Living (CD) ”Power for Living” is for people experiencing temptation, people who have fallen into temptation, and people who live with or care about someone plagued by alcoholism, suicide, or domestic abuse. There is no shame in being tempted. Jesus, pure and perfect, was tempted in Luke 4. The Holy Spirit ensured that chapter was in the Bible to teach us about the devil’s ways. Annette speaks frankly about these problems and how they are overcome through Jesus Christ.   ~ $10
Count on God (CD) A responsible person measures their ability with numbers. “Do I have enough manpower, time, and money to accomplish my goals?” However, when secular values override obedience to God, the results are disastrous. Annette hopes to convince you to “move” when God speaks. Don’t count the numbers, count on God.   ~ $10
How to be Ready for Anything (CD) Sometimes we’re ready and eagerly respond to the Lord. At other times we’re reluctant and hesitate to obey. Annette shares her experience as a mission team leader and international teacher. Her prayer and fasting strategies can help you overcome procrastination and become a quick responder to God’s invitations resulting in a closer walk with Him.  ~ $10


Arise Warrior Bride (CD) Jesus Christ equipped His bride for spiritual battle. Our war cry is “Arise, Warrior Bride!” Annette says, “No army wants to march in the winter.” She explains how to find Holy Spirit strength and strategies for life’s challenging seasons. Her teaching encourages and guides you into greater spiritual maturity.  ~ $10





Hold On to the Vision (CD) “Write the vision down…” Habakkuk 2:2 Annette urges you to hold on to God’s vision for your life. Don’t give up now, every day you’re moving closer to the fulfillment of God’s glorious promise. The struggle to persevere produces Holy Spirit freedom in your soul and obtains God’s reward. Annette is well qualified to encourage you, she lives what she teaches. At the time of this recording, she stood on the threshold of her vision being fulfilled after waiting for twenty years. Annette says, “I pray that sharing this piece of my story will build your faith and strengthen your resolve to hold on!”  ~ $10






The Heart of the Matter (CD) “Above all else guard your heart. It affects everything you do.” Proverbs 4:23 “But Lord, how can I guard my heart?” Annette teaches you practical, scriptural steps to successfully guard your heart. She takes you around the world with examples from the Uganda Mission, New York and Florida experiences, and a visit with a Canadian pastor, to help you learn how to protect your heart.  ~ $10







I Believe (CD) The Bible tells us the devil’s voice chimes in with the statement “I Believe in Jesus Christ.” Though the devil believes, his activities are evil. What are the visible results of our belief? Annette shares insights and personal stories to inspire you to cling to Jesus Christ, get through difficult times, and walk in God’s empowerment.  ~ $10








Ever wonder if you’re In the Right Place? (CD) Have you been wondering if you’re in the right place? Life struggles sometimes bring uncertainty and we ask ourselves, “Am I where God wants me to be?” Annette is recorded live in New York at the Restoration and Revival Center and also speaks a personal word to you from her counseling office in Wading River to help you come to a decision and find peace.  ~ $10






Bringing forth through Intercession (CD) Annette encourages intercessors through the scripture, “Stay in your pain and labor to bring forth.” Micah 4:10 Through scripture she exposes voices meant to shame and discourage you from persisting in prayer. God seeks out intercessors who are willing to be nameless to usher in revival. Will you respond?  ~ $10






Martha and Mary at the Master’s Feet (CD) Martha and Mary – a famous story of family conflict! From the day Mary became a disciple, her life spun with turmoil. Inner indecision, family frustration and societal censure, Mary experienced them all. Annette shows us Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet when the conflict begins. Uncertain within herself, opposed by family and culture – Mary withdraws and we find her sitting in her house. Jesus intervenes with righteous anger. Mary finishes by sitting in glory. When conflict appears, remember – Jesus longs to give you a “Mary” ending.  ~ $10






Also available:  Free Get Well Prayer Cards, Free Memorial Cards and Free Encouragement Cards ($2 s&h per 3 cards shipped)


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