How to Participate on Mission from Home
Intercessory Prayer

Bridge for Peace is grounded in prayer. Each mission team has an intercessory team that surrounds it. If you would like to pray for the team in the field, click on and print the flyer of the pictures of those serving on mission to remind you of your commitment.

 Brazil 2015 Mission Portuguese Team Flyer   

 Brazil 2015 Mission English Team Flyer 

Giving So Bridge for Peace Can Go


Bridge for Peace is totally supported by contributions of individuals who believe what we do is ordered by the Lord. These individuals see God producing extraordinary fruit through Bridge for Peace and want to be a part of a dynamic ministry that steps out boldly when called by the Holy Spirit. As one supporter says, “We are responsible for where we donate our money. We want our dollars to go into your loving ministry that is producing so much through obedience to God and giving all glory to Jesus Christ.” P.C., Long Island, New York. 


Bridge for Peace is not supported by any church, though we receive contributions from various churches.


If you would like to help financially, please send your check to Bridge for Peace, PO Box 789, Wading River, NY 11792. To contribute by credit card please call the New York Office at 631-730-3982.  Or if you would like to contribute by PayPal, please click here to go to the Donate screen.


Mission Reports


When possible, Bridge for Peace teams report from the field.  These communications are disseminated by our Home Team Leader. Upon completion of a mission, a summation report is created. If you would like to receive a field update or a summation report, please click here to view to the Mission Reports.

Are you praying for and contributing financially to a specific mission? Please let us know.

If you are praying for a mission or would like to contribute financially towards a mission, please let us know. Please complete the screen below and send us your email address.