Annette M. Eckart is an internationally known speaker and servant of the Lord. She and her husband Ed founded Bridge for Peace, a ministry of Healing to the Nations, in 1988. Together they lead Bridge for Peace teams on short-term missions around the world, praying for people and training them in biblical healing principles. Between missions Annette speaks about her own healing from rheumatoid arthritis, ministers at conferences and retreats, and hosts the Bridge for Peace television show. Annette and Ed live in Wading River, New York.

Annette speaks with power and compassion, proclaiming Jesus Christ through her experience of serving the Lord on six continents.  She co-founded Bridge for Peace with her husband Ed in 1988.  Bridge for Peace, a ministry of healing to the nations, headquartered in New York, has bases in Cincinnati, Africa, Australia and South America. Touching lives for Jesus globally, Annette leads short-term mission teams around the world, preaching, praying for people, and training them in biblical principles. An anointed communicator, Annette shines in every media as she glorifies Jesus Christ.

Her dramatic story of how Jesus Christ healed her from crippling rheumatoid arthritis at 34 years of age when she was an entrepreneur, a financial planner for a Wall Street firm, and sent her to the nations astonishes and inspires listeners. She testifies as an eyewitness to God’s power in cities and remote regions all over the world, encouraging her listeners to trust God and respond to Him.   Her message always exalts Jesus Christ and brings hope.

Annette speaks in churches and schools, leads inspirational retreats, workshops, and days of renewal for diverse groups across the United States from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Minnesota. Annette has been welcomed in Catholic, Congregational, Coptic Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, nondenominational and other churches.  Jesus Christ stars in every presentation she makes.

Internationally, Annette has spoken at dozens of conferences in Africa, including the African Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, and in the cities and remote villages of Uganda and Ghana. She is well known in Australia, where she speaks annually at various meetings, churches, schools, prayer groups, and coffeehouses. A previous guest speaker at The Servants of Jesus Community, in 2011, she will address leaders and participants at their Holy Spirit Conference. In Europe, she has been a featured speaker and has seen God touch and heal people through Bridge for Peace in Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and England. Annette has touched hearts in Central America, W. Indies and South America conducting retreats, leadership conferences, and days of healing. She’s been a blessing to Christians in Pakistan and in Asia, ministering to leaders in China and the Philippines.

In 2011, Bridge for Peace released Foundation for Healing Bible Study authored by Annette. Her stories have appeared in Guidepost books, Refreshed by The Spirit and Expecting Miracles as well as in Doers of the Word and Treasures of a Woman's Heart. Her devotionals have appeared in The Upper Room and the book Daily Devotions for Writers. Many articles written by Annette have appeared in New York and national newspapers and magazines including Newsday, Christian Life Times, Mission Long Island Magazine and Marriage Partnership.

Stories highlighting Bridge for Peace ministry have appeared in books including Autism and Alleluias by Kathy Bolduc, Journey to Reality by Pam Ward, and magazines in Italy and the Philippine Islands.

Her many CDs and DVDs are used as resources worldwide. She has appeared on many television programs and hosts the Bridge for Peace television show. Radio programs on three continents have invited Annette to participate in broadcasts.

Jesus Christ visited Annette in a powerful way and she has dedicated her life to the healing of the nations through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Testimonials to the power of the Holy Spirit through her have been written worldwide. Annette says, "To God alone be glory. Jesus Christ is my Bridge for Peace. I owe Him my life and I’ve given it to Him."


Ed Eckart heads Bridge for Peace worldwide. Ed’s story testifies to how God uses men mightily when they follow Him without regard to personal gain. After twenty years in industry, Ed left a successful career as quality control manager with an international firm to work with Christians persecuted throughout the world. By this time, he had seen God miraculously heal Annette, his wife. Ed had already, through a series of extraordinary events, purchased the first piece of land that he understood God would use as a center for Bridge for Peace. In 2009, God again demonstrated His faithfulness through the building of the international headquarters.

In 1991, Ed initiated a dignity through labor project that he named World Mission Crafts. Ed set up displays of the artisan’s creations in churches in the United States from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Kentucky. Ed has a wealth of fascinating stories about artisan ingenuity and how in some lands they are persecuted as Christians. He helps people pass through a doorway to a distant land through his vivid verbal sketches of small villages and overcrowded cities in the developing world. The sale of fairly traded crafts provides much needed income for hardworking artisans. Ed also shared craft sale proceeds with hundreds of churches who hosted World Mission Craft events.


Though God had spoken to the Eckart’s about Bridge for Peace in 1988, it had not yet come to the forefront. World Mission Crafts absorbed most of Ed’s time, but the two ministries complimented each other. For instance, in 1997 the Eckart’s traveled to Belize where Ed walked the streets in search of an artisan named Donatilla who set up a jippy joppy basket cooperative in the jungle. She carried a black plastic bag full of crafts from the remote area where the Mopan Myans lived and remained in the city until she sold all of the handcrafts. (When Ed found Donatilla, she said he was the answer to her prayer.) While Ed sought contact to help provide a market for the indigenous people, Annette held spiritual workshops for women at a local center.


Ed became widely known as a man who helped the poor, and people started to seek him for assistance. You would often hear Ed say, “Jesus said, ‘The poor you will always have with you.’ That wasn’t to give us an excuse, but to define our responsibility.” Eventually, Ed helped a group dedicated to the poor found their own fair trade craft store. He guided them, gave them contacts and prayed for their success. That store now supports an African orphanage and Ed’s work with World Mission Crafts, while still continuing, is second to the demands of Bridge for Peace.


Ed’s love for God, his business experience, extensive international travel, and cultural sensitivity all work together to make him a fantastic administrator of Bridge for Peace worldwide and a great short-term mission leader.


God has blessed Ed with compassion, mercy, and patience in extraordinary measure. Ed seems to never tire of praying for the sick, whether at a healing service or in prayer rooms packed with hundreds of desperate people in Africa or South America. God uses Ed’s hands to release miracles. The deaf hear, the mute speak and the blind see, literally, when Ed prays in the Name of Jesus for people in need. Whether solving administrative problems, counseling those who need guidance, encouraging others onto good works or releasing the Holy Spirit’s miraculous power, Ed demonstrates a spirit of excellence that honors Jesus Christ. God blesses the nations through Ed’s servant leadership.