Bridge for Peace Newsletters

  • Living Out The Gospel

    Annette writes about the steady flow of newborn children arriving at the door of the Bridge for Peace Children's Village in Uganda. The Village is faced with a constant challenge of overcrowding. Some babies can be accommodated temporarily because of their health, but most have to be turned away until they can be allowed back should space allow. The Ugandan people are exemplary in their generosity, sharing what little they have with the needs of the Village. 

  • Hope In Jesus Christ Our B4P: Give praise to Jesus Christ as you read about healings in Uganda.

  • Chief Laminator and Lawn Mower for B4P
  • Rainbows and Fire: B4P Sidney, AU October '15

    Louise Goderie writes about this year's Holy Spirit Conference which was special since Mapoze from Bridge for Peace Uganda visited Australia for the first time. Pastor Jacques from South Africa spoke about yokes and mantles. He also prophesied over Ed and Annette, proclaiming an increased measure of anointing, discernment, dreams and prophetic images. Another African preacher, K.C. Emmanuel said that God was going to stir up what Ed and Annette are doing. Convocation was extra special with Scott and his wife Anna from Bridge for Peace RaphaEl Medical Missionaries joining us. The American team saw a double rainbow over the sun as they arrived on site.

  • Bold and Resolute: Annette sets forth an interesting and absorbing article on missionary life as lived by these missionary priests who come from various countries in Africa to study and work in Rome. Many, if not most, face daily and deadly encounters with very dangerous animals, including hippopotamus, which are considered among the most dangerous on the continent. Especially challenging and upsetting is the pain suffered because of ethnic and racial prejudices inflicted on them from the native populace.

  • 2016 - Alert, Convicted, Invested and Resolute "God told us to stand firm or we will not stand at all": Annette writes how the Holy Spirit spoke to her and Ed using 1 Corinthians: 16 and 13, how they are to plan for 2016, where they are to lay plans for God's Kingdom in the new year, when to expand, and how to keep focused on the centrality of God's purposes. He has come to save, and use us to increase his kingdom. The final word in the Corinthians passage is resolute. God tells us to stand firm or we will not stand at all. Annette quotes a believer who told her how surprised he was at how much time Bridge for Peace spent with him for the healing of his back, at how often they repeated 'in the Name of Jesus'. They were insistent. Bridge for Peace experiences God's amazing power changing stubborn situations. Christ revealed love and mercy to us. We show it to others. In 2016, by God's Grace, Bridge for Peace will stay alert, convicted, invested and resolute as we bring healing to the nations through Jesus Christ.
  • Dig In With God: Annette instructs those at a gathering on how to prepare to receive a flood of grace into the dry places of life by digging in with God.  She gives Glory to God with her testimonies of healings.
  • How Did It Happen?: AFather Anthony Nabie traveled from Rome to the USA for rest. Read about how on the eve of convocation, he experienced a turning point on his path to true Christian conversion.

  • B4P RaphaEl Medical Mission in Zambia:

    Dr. Scott's report from Zambia gives Glory to God as he reports about miracles of healing through prayer!

  • New Dawn

    Annette writes about the needs of Bridge for Peace for the future ministries in Uganda

  • The Hope of Gold and Fire

    Annette writes about 200 Ugandan students who passed through a period of training for them to  learn to teach the Bible. They had studied the Word in order for them to comfort the sick and bring healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Sponsor a Child: W

    e read about the Bridge for Peace Children's Village where the most vulnerable babies are received and cared for. Sponsorships are also available for the loving caretaker moms who live at the Village home.

  • Yes! We Do Have Bananas: R

    ead about the self-sustaining Village for the Children with six acres planted and 20 acres to be cultivated.

  • Joseph Kahindo Reports: Joseph K

    ahindo reports on his role as a prayer team member and interpreter when international teams arrive.  In this capacity he witnesses on a regular basis the miracles the Lord performs on the bodies and souls of the people.

  • Awake!

    Bridge for Peace 

    members write about the awakening of the team members as they respond to the summons of our Lord to go forth to heal the sick, raise the dead and preach the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord. 

    Annette reminds us that Jesus left the cold tomb empty. He calls us to "wake up! Get up! I'm on the move and there is a job for you to do!" We have witnessed the Spirit of God leading prisoners of darkness to his redeeming light. We stand in awe, watching Christ's truth-light flood the newly awakened. They arise and Christ's glory dawns, bathing them with sacred light.

  • Airwaves Awaken!: Ed, Annette and Kevin are guests on an hour-long radio call-in show hosted by Barros, preaching the great news about Jesus. Electric with Holy Spirit life, Ed, Annette and Kevin responded to Barros' questions, releasing a message of hope and life in Jesus Christ, encouraging listeners to put their trust in Him.

  • When Your Go Through Great Trouble:

    Annette writes about God touching our lives as he releases the power of His grace through the words of Isaiah 43:2 - "When you go through rivers, deep waters, and great trouble, I will be with you." The Bible doesn't say if you go through great troubles, but when.  Annette and Ed have had their perceptions changed by their experiences of God's miraculous healing of diseases said to be incurable. Annette writes that Jesus is our Bridge for Peace in the storms of life and when life is through, he stands ready to welcome us home to eternal peace.

  • Terri: The Pink-E Anointing:

    Terri, a visitor to New York from Bridge for Peace, Australia, writes about her visit to these shores with Renae. The two traveled down south with Annette and Ed before returning to New York. On their return trip they traveled through Baltimore a week before the turmoil over the shooting of a young black man by two white police officers. Terri writes about her Christian witness to a young black teenager in the midst of an area seemingly hostile to such a contact. The young man asked Jesus into his heart and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the gas station. Jesus became a Bridge for Peace for this young black through a young white girl from Australia.

  • Renae: The Pink-E Anointing

  • Sounds of Joy

  • Worldwide Prayer Vigil

  • Bridge for Peace Grows in Africa

    Sylvester Mapoze, leader of Bridge for Peace in Kasese, Uganda, Africa writes of joining Ed and Annette, and Dr. Scott of RaphaEl Ministries, as well as Bishop Sabala and Pastor Lubuto, local leaders in Zambia during a mission outreach to that country in March 2015. He writes of the many answers to prayers during the mission accomplished by a union of Christian churches and their members working together to bless God's people.

  • God Acts...We Move

    While reading Annette's report on her and Ed's trip to Rome, Uganda, and Zambia with stopovers in Qatar, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa, one becomes more and more impressed with the enormity of the task the Lord has assigned to Bridge for Peace, as well as the tremendous need of increased resources to accomplish the task. Paralleling this is the sense of total inability facing those who have accepted the Lord's invitation to join Him. We know we can't get the job done without total reliance on the inspiration and strength of the Holy Spirit. To "trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding" becomes increasingly impossible unless we totally dedicate ourselves to prayer and separation from the carnal life. In sum, It is either God's way or no way. Annette notes that as Bridge for Peace makes regular trips abroad and ministers to the people, more and more requests for help arise from people suffering in body and soul who see that there is someone responding to their needs.

  • Dr. Scott on the Move

    Dr. Scott's report from Zambia is striking for many reasons. He is a physician reporting on countless miracles of healing through prayer! This is remarkable. Aside from the work of his medical team (RaphaEL Medical Missions), these healings were wrought through prayer and sometimes before any prayer was uttered. Dr. Scott was accompanied in Zambia by Bridge for Peace missionary Sylvester. They were later accompanied by Annette and Ed who had flown in from Uganda. These in turn were joined by Pastor Lubuto and his wife, Dorca. As Dr. Scott reported: "Miracle after miracle occurred as we ministered to those who came forward. The blind received sight, the deaf got their hearing back, there was baptism in the Holy Spirit, a crippled woman walked..."

  • Pain and Sickness Move Out of Zambia

    Annette reports on time spent in Zambia partnered with Pastor Lubuto's wife, Dorca. One point of particular interest in this report is the number of miracles taking place for surgery aftermaths where people have the surgery performed before the U.S. team arrives and a follow-up is needed to complete the healing, the follow-up being accomplished through Bridge for Peace team prayer.

  • Pastor Luboto's Moving Letter

  • Moving Prayer From Rome

  • Bridge for Peace Rings in the New Year

    Annette's report for this issue of the newsletter begins with a summary of our mission activities in Australia, South America, Africa, Europe, and the USA:

    • Australia - Bridge for Peace incorporated in 2014 and held their first Bridge for Peace convocation. Various meetings in different cities attracted many who described Bridge for Peace missionaries using the complimentary Australian idiom, full of beans. The courses offered to them had such an effect that, it was like waking up from a coma.

    • South America - Bridge for Peace is active through a Facebook ministry and a Portuguese language radio broadcast utilizing over 150 intercessors.

    • Africa - Bridge for Peace flourishes with outreaches focusing mainly on babies, children, and orphans and providing food, clothing, shelter and a home environment for them. Bridge for Peace has plans for eight children's cottages. Medical and nursing care provided by assistance from Bridge for Peace support worldwide is also growing and proving a firm societal foundation for these beautiful people!

    • Europe - Centering in Rome and visited yearly by Ed and Annette, this unit is growing with many priest members who study there for several years and return to their mostly third world countries. They inspire by their evangelical enthusiasm and sacrifice.

  • Here, There, and Everywhere with Bridge for Peace

    My soul will boast in the Lord, let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Ps 34:2 

    In the cinemas and movie houses around the USA, several decades ago, between the regular showings of the main feature, there used to be a section titled, And Now News from Around the World. It contained snapshots of interesting reports from various locations around the world. In this case here: 

    Australia, Hewlett, Seacliff, Bellport, Seaford, Mattituck, Ohio, and Uganda. Read and enjoy about the good news of salvation and healing throughout the lord's vineyard!

  • Ministering at St. Paul's Grammar School:

    Louise Goderie writes about the visit of Ed and Annette to their interdenominational Christian school in Cranebrook, New South Wales, Australia. It is evident from her report that through the ministry of Ed, Annette, Sally, and Tim that the students were profoundly touched by the holy spirit in body, soul, and spirit.

  • A Crown for Rose: Annette writes of the Bridge for Peace teams assembling in the morning air at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda preparing for their assignments at various locales. They will go forth to increase the kingdom of Jesus Christ at schools, prisons, retreats through instruction, prayer, as well as providing food and clothing. Joyful reunions occur to gladden the hearts of the Australians and Americans with the local Ugandans who realize that the Lord has preserved the bond of unity through the years. They witness the love of Christ in this establishment of love with people who were formerly strangers and are now members of one family.
  • Sharron Coleman: Sharron experienced the Lord releasing a word of knowledge through her, followed by his healing power, touching the afflictions of many in the assembly.
  • Sally Worner, Australian Team Leader: Sally writes of her experiencing prison ministry so effectively, the prison warden has asked Bridge for Peace to return as the inmates want to know more about Jesus. Sally also had the thrill of praying for a little girl’s sight to be restored and experiencing the Lord answering this prayer.
  • Julie Giunta: Julie writes about her visit to the first cottage of the Bridge for Peace Children’s Village, a fruit of the labor so many had worked so hard and sacrificed so much to make this dream come true. And it is only the start of a dream that Ugandan babies would have shelter and care to provide a normal, healthy environment to sustain and nurture them as they grow into citizens of God’s kingdom.
  • Megan Giunta: Megan writes of her unexpected and enriching experience of God’s love in the orphan babies - a mutual exchange of God’s love from her to them and their love back to her.
  • Gillian Bett: Gillian provides details of numerous healings and deliverances from pain, disease, infirmity, witchcraft and conversions. She writes “on the way home and since returning home I have had opportunities to share what the Lord has done and this has led to salvations.”
  • Bridge for Peace RaphaEl Medical Missions: Annette and Ed announce the addition of RaphaEl Ministries to come under the banner of Bridge for Peace as Bridge for Peace RaphaEl Medical Missions. We sought the Lord for many weeks to make this decision and with our Bridge for Peace Board of Directors' unanimous vote, we received Dr. Scott and the ministry into Bridge for Peace. Bridge for Peace continues as you have known it for the past 25 years, but is now expanded to include medical missions.

  • Fire at Dawn: The author writes about the Bridge for Peace meeting on Easter Sunday morning on the beach at Wading River. While rejoicing and praising God as they celebrated the remembrances of Our Lord's resurrection, they were favored with an "optical illusion" of flame and fire through an interplay of the rising sun and the burning campfire in their sunglasses. It was as if the Holy Spirit visited the gathering with an intimacy from the real presence of first Easter and Pentecost participants!!
  • Help Bridge for Peace: Bridge for Peace describes its July outreach to two nations in deep need, namely, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While in these nations, they will feed the hungry, clothe the naked, minister to the sick, and visit the imprisoned. A simple way you can help Bridge for Peace is through
  •  Bridge for Peace Television Program: Tune to public television and watch Annette interview Christians who are in the forefront of local Christian service for the Lord.
  • A day in the life of Bridge for Peace: Praying for the needs of People: blood sugar normalized; final praise report after continual prayer throughout the day-cane left behind; appetite appestat reset; doctor pronounces dramatic healing "unheard of"; liver enzymes normalized; tears of joy after pain removed; torn calf muscle dramatically healed.
  • What a great idea: Newlyweds offer equivalent money expended for wedding favors to Bridge for Peace to support mission expenses

  • Fire in Australia: The author acquaints us with the "bench ministry" in Temora, Australia, led by Sharon Coleman. One of its members has a collection basket out on the counter of her news agency shop in which she has collected over $2500 for Uganda children. They also sit on a bench on the sidewalk with a sign inviting people to stop by for prayer.

 April, 2014  (click here)

  • Uganda Team: Groundbreakers: Annette writes about being in Uganda for the Bridge for Peace groundbreaking ceremony in January 2014 for the Children’s Village. When one considers what can go wrong on such a project as this, not the least of which is the social deterioration among those involved in this watershed event because of the havoc satan tries to work to destroy the project, one has to marvel at what God is accomplishing among his servants who are ready to sacrifice.
  • B4P Orphaned Children's Education Project: Another success story in Uganda where God demonstrates the slow but steady evolvement of the education of the orphans through the generosity of donors and the continued commitment of on-site Uganda volunteers. The door of opportunity continues to open and stay open for many who would have no hope for the future.
  • Rome Team: Mindset on God: Renae from Bridge for Peace Australia witnesses about overcoming a sense of unworthiness to work among priests and nuns on the Rome mission. By the infusion of God’s grace through the Holy Spirit, these feelings were converted into a true sense of humility at God’s desire to bless his church with a ministry of love which requires a humble “yes” to His will. Renae witnessed the miracles of healing and provision through Christ’s love operating in her.
  • Heavenly Showers: Kathy Bolduc, Midwest Bridge for Peace Chapter, writes about a baby shower held at the Oxford Vineyard for the benefit of the babies at the Uganda Children’s Village. The presentation of the work at the church opened the hearts of the pastor and church and a generous donation was collected for the babies.
  • Texts, Emails and Phone Messages to Bridge for Peace Wading River…Praising Jesus All Over the World: Witnesses from around the world reporting on the full salvation work of the cross (sozo). Read the testimonies transmitted through modern day devices about what the lord has done and continues to do in Australia, Rome, New York, Philippines, and Long Island.


  • Atmosphere Changers: Annette writes about the team (Bridge for Peace Atmosphere Changers Australian Team) arriving at the radio station for their interview by the radio station talk host (also named Annette) who immediately informed  the team of her need of prayer for a braced knee which was causing restriction of movement and pain. Their prayer produced immediate results and the host was able to witness to her radio audience about the healing she experienced. The team visited another radio show hosted by Rubina who witnessed to an earlier healing of back pain as well as relief from a toe injury that very day! Over 4000 people attended Bridge for Peace meetings in Australia during this visit where prayer in the name of Jesus produced healings including removal of a goiter, a lump in the breast, as well as earlier healings from vertigo, shoulder pain, severe depression and the miraculous disappearance of a steel rod in one’s back.
  • Sowing Seed on Good Ground: Kevin writes of the foundation for sowing financially into Bridge for Peace for its mission work. The foundation is scriptural from Romans 12:2, as true for God’s work as it is for everyday life: As we sow according to God’s will, namely by the renewing of our mind, we will reap the fruit necessary to increase the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Bridge for Peace Silver Anniversary Celebration


  • Bridge for Peace Children’s Villages Update: Julia Giunta writes of the progress of this project, of its utmost importance to Bridge for Peace, because it is so close to the heart of God. There are now nine precious infants being cared for by two housemothers specifically trained for this important work. Each infant is sponsored as well as each housemother.


  • Bridge for Peace Africa Joins RaphaEl Ministries in Zambia: Sylvester Mapoze, Uganda Bridge for Peace leader, writes of his recent ministry in Zambia alongside a U.S. team of Doctors and Nurses. He writes “medical practitioners need the presence of God in their mission to bring total and complete healing to humanity. The Doctors treat and God heals.” There were many healings for headaches, stomach aches, chest pains, heartburns, and leg and foot pains.


  • "We Will Do It” Bridge for Peace Brazil: Annette writes about a healing workshop which took place in Fortaleza, Brazil. Present were Bridge for Peace Brazil team leaders, a Brazil religious nun, Sister Conceicao, as well as Annette, Kevin, and Ed. In addition to healing scriptures, the workshop confronted myths and mindsets that oppose faith, and, consequently, raise barriers to healing, such as doubts about whether God wants to heal. During a break in the meeting, Sister Conceicao, impressed by the teaching, spontaneously cried out in Portuguese: “We will do it!” thus effectively uniting their hearts with Bridge for Peace Australia and Bridge for Peace Africa where these very same words had been shouted and had served as the impetus and foundation for Bridge for Peace units in those countries. Now Bridge for Peace had risen in Brazil and joined the worldwide family to increase the kingdom of Christ on earth!
  • Days of Huge Spiritual Growth: Fernando and Fernanda, co-leaders of Bridge for Peace Brazil, write about the establishment of their group in earnest, following Ed and Annette’s visit to Brazil in 2012, when, after visiting the Friends of Jesus and the sick children cared for there, they were invited to return in 2013 and minister a course of healing and deliverance, which they did, and many were touched by our Lord.
  • Upper Room Dedication: The transcript of a dedication speech given by Kevin at the Bridge for Peace Brazil office in the home of Fernando and Fernanda. Kevin reminds his hearers of the first Upper Room where the Apostles met, the Upper room in Annette and Ed’s former residence where Bridge for Peace Wading river met, and now the Upper room in Fernando and Fernanda’s house where Bridge for Peace Brazil will meet. Each successive group builds on the memories and experiences of the previous ones adding to the expansion of one Bridge to Christ.
  • Mother and Daughter Healed: Karen writes about a mother and daughter she prayed for in 2012. The mother was in a car crash and suffered serious head injuries and was awaiting surgery. Her daughter was in need of heart surgery. Karen prayed for both and when she returned in 2013, she met them and was told that both head been healed through Karen’s prayer. The surgeries were canceled.
  • I Can Now Say I Am a New Man: Misael Lima, 19 years old, and a native of Brazil, writes with enthusiasm about the effect of the 2013 Brazil Mission. He was thrilled with the “great miracles and physical and spiritual hearings I saw.” God also spoke to him and told him, “Don’t say I am a child, because to everyone I send you, you’ll go, and everything I ask you to do, you’ll do.”


  • Praise Cruise XII
  • Gloria Schuck – An Inspiration


  • From the Uganda Email Box: Records comments from Ugandans visited during the Bridge for Peace mission in April 2013. One particularly touching witness is from James who used monies given to him by Annette and Ed to make liquid soap, bio-toilet odor solution, and bar soap, which items proved invaluable in combating the cholera disease resulting from the floods that devastated the area during their visit.

 July, 2013  (click here)

  • A Home Not Left to Chance: Annette writes about the tenuous hold that many in Uganda and elsewhere have on shelter. She notes that while Bridge for Peace has started a children’s village for orphans, we must never lose sight of the need to ensure that all on God’s earth are pointed to the necessity for eternal shelter with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.
  • Children’s Village Launch: Ed Eckart’s Address at Gala Event: On this most recent visit to Uganda, Ed  Eckart  addressed a gathering in  Kasese and traced  the origin of the vision planted in the hearts of him and Annette and God’s provision in bringing it to pass.
  • God’s Power in Kyalhumba: Deidre Herring writes about a gathering of 300 people who were led to pray the Bridge for Peace Blood Covenant Prayer. There was a very visible manifestation of deliverance as people were set free from unforgiveness and occult involvement. Over a period of time, the manifestation of demonic presence diminished as individuals continued to be set free from various afflictions.
  • The Race: Renae Wiencke writes about a real life drama she experienced. She witnessed the full release of the power of the blood of Jesus as a young man experienced over a period of days the full blessing of the cross from salvation and physical healing to the baptism of the of the Holy Spirit. This young man was running the race required of all Christians to succeed in the kingdom of Christ. We need to claim our full inheritance, including the power provided through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As it was so for the apostles in the upper room, so it is for us. We cannot function effectively without this power.
  • More Double-Double Team Testimonies: Patti Gordon, Sally Worner, Tim Worner, Ed and Annette, Jane Wiedersehn, and Kevin all relate marvelous testimonies of dramatic physical healings. The blind received sight, the lame walked, still wombs came to life, sick babies smiled, fear disappeared, a sick priest in bed with flu and a high fever was healed, a woman forgave her partner who had failed to marry her and then agreed to after he discovered he had Aids, and a witch doctor converted to Jesus Christ.
  • I was in prison and you visited me. Mt. 25:36 Kevin writes of the deplorable prison conditions when the Bridge for Peace team visited a local prison facility. The prisoners were encouraged to follow the example of Paul and Silas who praised the Lord under such circumstances and worse, because they knew Jesus and received His strength.
  • Mapose Goes to Zambia-Again! Mapose, the Bridge for Peace Uganda leader is to visit Zambia again with Dr. Scott Silverberg of Long Island and other medical missionaries in September.

 April, 2013  (click here)

  • Rome Prayer Walk 2013:  At its core a Holy Spirit inspired mission to bless mostly 3rd world priests far away from their homes to study in Rome, the article shares the experiences of their being brought together under the banner of Bridge for Peace. We read of the prayer meetings, teaching, seminars, and testimonies of their physical and spiritual healings during these meetings.
  • Home Team Pioneer: Lori Knowling writes about the first Rome Prayer Walk and the role Annette’s mother played in that first mission. Because of her, Annette and Ed were able to leave their home and embark on a journey with eternal consequences for the souls of God’s children in the lands of the priests they met in Rome. She became a role model for the home teams which we now have for all missions.
  • Holy Visitation Team: The Rome Prayer Walk team adopts as team title Holy Visitation Team signifying the many recorded instances of visitation by our Lord while He was here on earth and which visits continue through those who respond to the great commission, including the visit to Rome in 2013 by Bridge for Peace.
          Long Island
  • Honoré T. McKernan 1919-2013: A touching testimony by Annette as she writes of her mother who passed away while Annette was in Rome. In her last days, as Bridge for Peace was discerning its call to build an orphanage in Uganda, her mother had voiced her concern for the protection of the children of the world.
  • A Jew Has a Taste of Aliyah: Dr. Scott Silverberg , a physician in Suffolk County New York, writes about “going home” as he traveled with Ed and Annette on his first visit to Israel, the land of his ancestors. Scott ministered as part of the Bridge for Peace team in the congregations of Arab and Messianic Jews and witnessed the many healings accomplished in Jesus’ name through him. Welcome home Dr. Scott.
  • How Good and Pleasant It Is: A seemingly casual get together by friends and acquaintances for breakfast at the Church of the Advent in Westbury becomes a gathering of believers as prayer is offered and God “turns up” in response to prayer with His healing love.


  • Orphanage Groundbreaking: This article looks ahead to May 5, 2013 when 16 missionaries from America and Australia will join their Uganda counterparts for the groundbreaking ceremony in Uganda of the Bridge for Peace Children’s Village, a watershed event for a people with particularly close community ties!


  • Divine Intervention: Annette draws a parallel between the Bridge for Peace mission to Malta 2013 and the visit of Paul the Apostle to that island nation as recorded in the Book of Acts. God intervened in that island’s history to accomplish His purposes through Paul’s shipwreck and continues his work of intervention to this day as displayed in the fruit of apostolic labors during Bridge for Peace’s Malta mission.


  • Highlights from the Destiny Tour: Annette reports on the Bridge for Peace visit to Australia in September and October. The team visited Sydney, Brisbane, Wollongong, Newcastle, Tyree, and Maitland where “there were so many miracles because we serve a great God.”  In addition to healings of the body, memories, and imagination, people came forth to report on healings that occurred in past meetings from previous years. Annette writes: “The B4P Australia team bursts with Holy Spirit vitality and Christian love. They have demonstrated the power of perseverance.”
  • God in Australia: Supernatural, Practical: Renae, a member of the Bridge for Peace Australia team, has traveled to Brazil and worked there with American counterparts. Her theme in this article is to consider that Jesus’ relationship with God produced the supernatural wherever he went. Our vocation is supernatural and we should not expect anything less. As we pray for people in the Name of Jesus and ask for the release of the Power of His Blood, we should expect the blind to see, the lame to walk, those in pain to be set free. God does not use just a select few, but he wants to use everyone and that includes us in our everyday lives and situations, not just when we go on mission trips.


  • Getting Ready: Children’s Village: Quoting from the book of proverbs (24:7) “…get your field ready: after that go build your house.” Annette reports on the progress of the Bridge for Peace Uganda Children’s Village. The presence of God’s guiding and providing hand is evident in the helping hands that have come forward to provide free legal, technical, and architectural expertise to erect the units that will house, at the outset, seventeen people – fifteen children and two house mothers – at a cost of $45,000. The helping hands have given assistance that would have raised the cost by many more thousands of dollars. There is a need for support to provide funds to maintain facilities and provide for the growth necessary to care for additional children.
  • Uganda Testimonies:  The Uganda team writes about a baby unable to see. A team member layed his hands on her and her sight was restored. Also, a young lady diagnosed with cancer was healed after prayer.


  • Bridge for Peace Brazil Leaders Fernando and Fernanda: Meet the leaders of Bridge for Peace’s first outpost in South America who visited and stayed for 2 weeks in Wading River.


  • Bridge for Peace Has a Stake in Nigeria: Reports about a dream, email, and telephone exchanges between Annette and Ed here in America and a friend, Rev. Dr. S., in Nigeria which led to the commissioning of Rev. Dr. S. as the Bridge for Peace point man in Nigeria to increase the presence of Jesus in this nation of 70 million Muslims.

         United States

  • California Dreamin’: Annette writes about a brief stopover in California in September en route to the 2012 Bridge for Peace mission to Australia. Ed tells Annette about a dream wherein he met a holy man who invited him to lunch. Entering the hotel whirlpool they met a pastor who did indeed invite them to lunch. He subsequently invited them to his church where he asked them to pray for the healing of those who came forth. He had been asking God to send someone who could teach them how to pray for physical healing! Annette and Ed did just that, with signs following their prayers.


  • Impacting Lives with Bridge Peace Resources: Bridge for Peace has numerous CD teaching tapes recorded by Annette. They contain abundant testimonies of those whose downward spiral into depression or despair as well as deteriorating health has been halted and turned around into healing and improved health. We are encouraged to obtain these CDs for ourselves, family, and friends.
  • Bridge for Peace will travel to Israel, Rome, Uganda, and Ghana to encourage the local Bridge Peace units, support their mission efforts, conduct seminars and, of course, pray for the release of the Blood of Jesus to set the captives free. 2013 is a year ahead that is bigger than ever and in deep need of your spiritual and financial support more than ever.
  • National Tragedies: Annette speaks of interceding for the troubles of the world.

October, 2012  (click here)

  • See the Open Doors? Annette writes about the Bridge for Peace trip to Brazil. Consisting of Bridge for Peace members from Australia and the U.S., the team is led by Brazil team leaders Fernanda and Fernando to the portal of the new Bridge for Peace team base in Fortaleza, Brazil where they celebrate in song and dance. Annette writes that her spiritual vision later kicked in as she saw the Lord opening doors (Revelation 3- “I have set before you a wide open door….”). Truly marvelous works are being established recently not only in Brazil, but also in Uganda and Israel. Previously only imagined and prayed for, these works are now a reality one can see, feel, and touch. B4P is moving through open doors and through previously impenetrable mountains!

  • IPod Journal Entry: July 23, 2012 – Brazil: Kevin writes about the team’s visit to the town of General Sampaio where, though they arrive hours late, they find about 500 Brazilians “wildly” praising the Lord. A seemingly uncontrollable crowd, anxious to receive miracles, is quieted by the Holy Spirit, and order is established so the team can pray for them. They are not disappointed as the Lord manifests His healing love in restoring health to body and soul.
  • Brazil Testimonies: Team members witness experiences and healing testimonies: Gillian Bett, Sharon Coleman, and Jane Wiedersehn, of Australia; Fernanda and Laura Gomes Alves of Brazil; and Annette, Karen, and Kevin of the USA. Jesus healed many of various illnesses and attacks from the enemy and the faith of team members was lifted to experience God using them.

          Long Island

  • Big Hearts in Little People: A report on the generosity and hard work of students at St. Bridget’s school in Westbury where they raise $600 for the Uganda Orphans!
  • Alert: Invasion of the Body Healers in Westbury! Rev. James Krantz, Pastor of the Church of the Advent in Westbury, writes about his congregation’s experience as the result of Bridge for Peace’s visit. He states: “In 15 years of ministry here, nothing has set alight the congregation in the way that this encounter with the power and goodness of God has done.” They will begin “right away” Bridge Peace’s study Foundation for Healing.
  • Praise Cruise Praise: Yvonne Bracone writes on her experience as a passenger on the Bridge for Peace annual Praise Cruise this past August. She participated in the Ranan Music Ministry. She reports on how the Lord weaved a beautiful tapestry of music, praise, scripture, and preaching together with great weather and a barbecue dinner to make for an unforgettable day.
  • All Things Work for Good: Kathy Bolduc, member of Bridge for Peace Cincinnati, reports on her experience after returning from Israel with the team and leaving them to catch a connecting flight back to Cincinnati. Arriving late at the Delta flight she was informed that the doors on her flight had closed and she would have to wait for a later flight. Her exhaustion, fueled by this disappointing news, was somewhat ameliorated when she was informed of another flight she could get at a nearby airport. Catching a taxi driven by a man from India, she shared her experience with Delta upon returning from Israel. Realizing she was a missionary, the driver asked her to pray for his misshapen hand and for his family. The resulting and unexpected fellowship between them had both of them in tears. Kathy realized that only then was her mission trip completed (“God works all things for the good…”)


  • Bridge for Peace in Israel:  Annette reports on the Bridge for Peace visit to Israel and, in particular, to Jerusalem.  The team prayed for the city’s inhabitants in the old and new sections as they walked the wall’s ramparts. They continued their mission of prayer as they traveled north to Akko, located near the border of Lebanon. There our Lord revealed His healing love as the team prayed for Arab, Jewish and Russian Christians gathered together in one assembly, a mighty work of unity in the body! There was also special prayer time for three Arab pastors truly engaged in sacrificial work for the Lord.

          Long Island

  • Lord, is it I?: Kevin reports on the Bridge for Peace Lenten presentation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Lord’s Supper. In this presentation, entitled Is it I Lord?, each of the actors “step out” of the painting and talks about his relationship with Jesus.  The presentation was well received at two local churches.
  • Who do you say I am?: Kevin, who spoke at the event, writes about the Men’s Breakfast on May 12 where he challenged the men to discuss their relationship with Jesus as they focused on the question “Who do I (the Lord) say you are?” (a turn around on the Lord’s original query – “Who do you say I am?”)
  • HOPE at the Bridge for Peace Women's Breakfast:  Annette writes about the theme of hope presented by her at the B4P Women’s Breakfast. She used the word “skin” as denoting a covering not only for our physical body, but also metaphorically as a covering for our “bones of faith”. We must ensure that our “skin of hope” does not bind, chafe, or restrict the movement of faith.
  • You've Heard the Word: Come Experience the Gospel!:  Kathy Bolduc, B4P member from Oxford, Ohio reports on ministry by Bridge for Peace members from New York, Ohio, and Australia. The Holy Spirit moved in gatherings held at Miami University and a local church. The Lord revealed His powerful presence as people were physically healed, and others felt His presence as He moved among them and within them.


  • Australia Notes: Foundations for Healing Bible Study:  Renae Wienkie from Temora shares stories of prayers and healings as they experienced the Bible Study.


  • Zambia: Rise and Be Healed:  Mapoze Sylvester, head of Bridge for Peace in Uganda, and Bridge for Peace African Coordinator, writes of his travel to Zambia to be part of a medical missionary effort in union with Rafael Ministries, headed by Dr. Scott Silverberg and his associates in medicine. Mapoze’s story is one of a humble servant who is aware of God anointing him for this work which involves not only prayer, but a program of training for pastors to pray for healing according to principles set forth by the Holy Spirit in God’s Word. Mapoze reports not only on miracles, but on the growth of leadership in the Zambian Church as they respond to B4P training.
  • Doctor Testifies to Personal Healing During Zambia Mission:  Dr. Kevin Braat, a member of the Rafael Ministries team in Zambia, was encouraged during a session on healing to lift up his knee and believe God for the healing of a chronic knee problem. He received relief after prayer and it has continued, enabling him to run and exercise pain free.
  • Uganda Children's Home Progress:  Annette reports on the progress of the Uganda Children’s Home. The simplicity of Annette’s reporting of the unfolding of the events to anchor the project belies the actual complexity of planning and coordination which took place among many individuals and organizations across national boundary lines. Truly a work of the Holy Spirit! Prayers and finance are needed to carry the project forward!


  • Good Seed Sown on Good Ground:  Annette traces the story of the Word of God (good seed) planted in the hearts of the Uganda people (good ground) by members of Bridge for Peace who first visited Uganda in 2006. Bridge for Peace continues Christ’s call to preach the gospel, set the captives free, and heal the sick. In their most recent visit for one week this past January, Ed and Annette, along with Bridge for Peace Uganda, were used by the Lord to heal EVERYONE who came for prayer. The “crop” has further yielded 12.5 acres of land deeded to Bridge for Peace, much of which will be used to plant banana trees, sweet potatoes, maize, and other staple foods. Additional “crops” from this seed has seen the education of orphans and other young people who are now working in good jobs.
  • Report from Sylvester Mapoze:  Sylvester tells the story of BIIRA ANNETTE, a Ugandan who experienced satanic attacks and control as a young teenager in Uganda. She was persuaded by evil spirits to avoid church and church people and to purchase “articles and gadgets” to facilitate witchcraft until one day Our Lord quietly intervened with His still small voice within her. He told her to seek out friends at a prayer center. She visited them and was set free to abandon witchcraft and follow Jesus.


  • Healing to the Nations in Rome:  Annette writes about this year’s mission to Rome in which the Lord ministered His healing love to the healers. The mission centered on a healing retreat offered by Bridge for Peace for priests and religious. Bernadette Cioch, a Bridge for Peace missionary, a specialist on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and author of Embracing the Wounds, facilitated a retreat of the same name. Many shared their pain and heartache. Also ministering to the priests from stateside was Dan Callahan who shipped 26 pair of heavily insulated socks which arrived in Rome just in time to help the priests deal with a snowstorm which paralyzed the city.

          Long Island

  • Preaching and Praying Around Long Island:  Numerous meetings held around Long Island and Ohio gave witness to the reality of Jesus’ healing love ministered to hearts open to receive the power of His sacrifice on the cross.
  • January opened with Bridge for Peace’s Kings Night:  Todd Giordano raises our minds and hearts to starry, celestial levels as he writes about King’s Night early in January. As we recall the visit of the Magi to Bethlehem we reflect on the Christ Light and Light shining in our hearts.
  • Shining Stars:  Bridge for Peace is blessed by individuals whose stars shine in the sky but are not identified. This month we thank the Lord for JOHN CERAMELLO who helps arrange many Bridge events, BRYAN CARROTT & FRIENDS who hold the benefit concert for Ugandan orphans, DAN AND PATTY CALLAHAN who collected the socks for priests in Rome and sponsored this newsletter, as well as Dottie of Goldtoe Socks , Tanger Mall, Riverhead who supported the “Socks for Priests” drive.


  • You’ve Got to Move:  Team adopts the title “You’ve Got To Move.” Through the ministry of Bridge for Peace, Australians experience the “normality” of praying for healing in Jesus’ name. The healing of Christ operates through normal people who believe in the power of the blood of Jesus shed at the cross to bring us new life and health.
  • Even the Small Things:  In a share session at one of the meetings, a grandparent learns the importance of testifying to what the Lord has done no matter how “little “ she thinks it is as she experiences the healing of her wrist when she gives written testimony about it.
  • Annette Testifies:

The Joy of running. A 28 year old man born with 2 club feet was prayed for and both feet straightened! He returned afterwards and stated that his feet were still hurting.  This time he removed the orthotics and was able to jog for the first time in his life!

You’ve Got to Move. Because of a surfing accident 13 years earlier, Peter was confined to a wheelchair. He sat bent over the armrest with his nose pointed to the ground and his fingers misshapen. As he received prayer, his fingers and arms began to straighten. Team members helped him to stand up and walk about. His back also straightened. Later his desire to walk into his son’s house was fulfilled. Two weeks later he was sitting straight, his fingers had softened and he was looking up. As he continued to exercise, his condition improved. He was told “Remember. You’ve got to move!”

  • Sharron Remembers These Miracles: Australian team member Sharron recalls miracles as she and her team prayed in Temora, and at the Women’s Aglow meeting in Newcastle West. And, at E. Maitland, a marvelous testimony of God responding to the prayers of those who worship Him in spirit and in truth!
  • Another Temora Testimony: A lady with congenital curvature of the spine and other spinal abnormalities, causing her to be unable to raise her arm, received a gloomy medical prognosis for any relief. The next day she attended a Bridge for Peace healing service and asked for prayer for back pain. The team also prayed for her shoulder without being told about it. She felt warmth as they prayed and experienced full motion in her shoulder.
  • Love this from Gillian of Temora: Gillian of Temora reports on the unbelievable (NO! TOTALLY BELIEVABLE! ANNETTE CORRECTED) miracles done by the Lord: hearing restored, cataracts removed, a 13 year old boy afflicted with Osgood Schlatter’s disease in both knees, cured and able to participate in sports, a lady relieved of severe shoulder pain, all through the power of prayer in Jesus’ name.
  • Kirstin’s Amazing Testimony: 15 year old Kirsten experiences relief from depression experienced over two years and also healing in her back from a sports injury. Afterwards, she attends a Holy Spirit workshop where she prays for her sister whose shoulder injury is healed.
  • Note from Laurel: Laurel writes of suffering pharyngitis wherein she would regularly experience “audible knocking” that would wake her up, cause her to feel a fast heart beat and experience acute stress. After prayer the knocking stopped and she also felt relief from throat pain.
  • Renae Makes an Impression: Australian team member Renae shares her experience at a Gifts of the Holy Spirit workshop. As workshop members open their hearts to the Holy Spirit through worship and prayer, the Holy Spirit releases the operation of the gifts of the Spirit in the Word, prophecy, interpretation of prophecy, and miracles. The group feels prepared to go forth and make an impression for Christ to the world.

          Uganda Report

  • Bridge for Peace Uganda Team Leader Sylvester Mapoze reports dramatic deliverance of a leader of Witch Doctors and a woman practicing witchcraft as they experience the healing power of Christ through the prayers of the Bridge for Peace team. The woman was released from 5 years of physical maladies after prayer.
  • A 9 year old girl had stomach problems which required surgery for which her parents were unable to pay. After the Bridge for Peace team prayed for her, the doctors examined her again and failed to find any evidence of sickness or disease.

      October, 2011  (click here)                               Bridge for Peace Australia Newslettter (Sept/Oct, 2011) 



  • Australian Intern: Renae Has Her Say:  Renae, from Australia, a Bridge for Peace intern, writes on her visit to the USA this past summer. She and Annette journeyed to the “Big Apple” and we can only imagine how the city was blessed just by her visit. Her article, reflecting on her Holy Spirit fire for God, has to be read to be believed. Truly she is set apart for the work of the Great Commission.



  • Testimony About My Life – Mrs. Margaret Mapoze:  Margaret Mapoze, wife of the leader of Bridge for Peace in Uganda, Africa, tells us about her struggle to live a Christian life amidst the challenge of poverty and raising a large family. God blessed her with a husband who loves God and her. An inspiring testimony by a woman of God married to a man of God.



  • Holy Holy Holy: Annette writes about this year’s convocation from Sept. 11-16 which saw a spiritual tapestry woven through prayer, praise, and scripture revealing a unique revelation of God’s will for Bridge for Peace in our day. God has a purpose requiring wholehearted submission to His Will as we await our marching orders.
  • An Expression of Love: An appeal for financial support is made for the multifaceted operations of Bridge for Peace. So much is accomplished with so little resources and so few volunteers. God supplies and we need partners to further our mission. Never underestimate the value of a small contribution given regularly or a few hours spent at the office.
  • Strong Together: Dan Callahan writes about the men’s breakfast and the enriching fellowship of men talking with one another and listening to testimonies of God’s presence in their lives. Next meeting is at Fireman’s Park in Ridge on Nov. 12 @ 9 AM.
  • The Bridge for Peace Praise Trolley: Read about the first Bridge for Peace Praise Trolley. Yes, there we were traipsing around Long Island on a trolley, singing songs and sharing the Lord. A hardy group indeed considering the heavy downpour which greeted us, but which did not muffle the clang clang clang of the trolley.
  • In All Kinds of Weather – The Praise Cruise: The annual Bridge for Peace Praise Cruise attracted a full boatload of hearty nautical types not intimidated by stormy forecasts. The ride to the boat was the easiest ever as other less sturdy sailors from other boats elected to stay home. A great day at sea.
 July, 2011  (click here)  (click here for A4 version)                                                   



  • Pearls of Joy Uganda Team 2011:  Annette reports on ministry activities in Uganda, "The Pearl of Africa", so named many years ago by Winston Churchill for its unparalleled beauty and animal life. The Bridge for Peace team, christened Pearls of Joy, also experienced the beauty of the Ugandan People for the 3rd time in 5 years. Read Annette's report of miracles experienced everywhere they traveled and the growth of the local Bridge for Peace team who will soon head across the border to the Congo to continue the work of the Great Commission.
  • Half an Hour to Wholeness: One Family's Blessings:  Kevin writes about his ministry in a healing room. Amidst crowded and disorderly conditions, the Spirit of Christ moves to heal across multi-generational lines in one family in a mighty way when each generation, responding to the Word of God, forgives one another and releases the healing power of Christ.
  • Team Tells a Torrent of Ugandan Testimonies: Team members Sharon, Sally, and Tim (Australia), Annette, Ed, Karen, and Kevin report in detail on healings the Ugandans experienced and which were only a small part of the approximately 2000 who were miraculously cured. (Watch for team member Andrea's report in the future).



  • Bridge for Peace Website Unveiled: Annette writes of Debbie Demidow joining efforts initiated by Ed and Tim Worner (Australia) to create a Bridge for Peace website. She becomes instrumental in the website finally being launched and already meeting acclaim worldwide.
  • Healing on a Firm Foundation: Patti Gordon writes about her experiences heading up a bible study using Annette Eckart's new book "Foundation for Healing Bible Study". Patti's report traces the marvelous growth of the group using the book as they delve more deeply into their inheritance issuing forth from the Christ's death on the cross. Read about the group as they experience physical and spiritual healings and a deepening of their faith and love of Christ. A remarkable report on lives changed!


  • Rome: Seeking Out the One: Annette writes about a “chance” encounter with a student priest from Burundi while the Bridge for Peace team was traveling on a Rome bus. Thinking they had lost contact with him after they got off the bus, he turned up at a Bridge for Peace meeting with priests the following Sunday.


  • A photo display of Bridge for Peace mission trip to Uganda and how those interested can assist the team, thereby becoming part of the team and share in its blessings from the Lord.
  • An appeal for assistance in other vitally necessary projects under consideration for Uganda.


  • First Responders: Annette reflects on 9-11 after the Bridge for Peace team visits Manhattan and prayer walks ground zero.
  • Sounds of Joy Concert: 2nd annual concert to benefit Uganda orphans.
  • How you can become part of Bridge for Peace’s publishing efforts which bring attention to the spread of the Good News.
  • Itinerant Harvest Reapers: Bridge for Peace in Australia--worldwide deliverance from alcoholism, domestic abuse, and suicide, healings in Temora.
  • Australia: Great South Land of the Holy Spirit: Ed writes of a harvest of souls coinciding with a great harvest of grain by the Australian farmers after a record drought.
  • Another Continent: Bridge Brazil Commissioned: 3 visitors to Bridge for Peace Headquarters at Christmastime, Bridge for Peace Brazil is commissioned.
  • Cho-Cho Joins the Choirs of Heaven: Annette writes of the memory left behind by Cho-Cho, our dear friend from Ghana, who recently went to heaven.
  • 2011 Rome Prayer Walk February 20-27: Announcing 2011 Rome Prayer Walk.
  • Give God the Glory! Yvonne's Retreat Perspective: Yvonne Bracone, leader of Long Island Women's Retreat Ministry, writes about Annette's ministry of teaching and healing at their annual weekend retreat.
  • Listening Towers: Convocation 2010: Annette writes about praise being a vehicle through which God's people are aligned over the earth and receive His transmissions by which His Will is accomplished. Through waiting on the Lord, we are assured that we become sensitive receivers and transmitters from Him and to and through one another.
  • Bridge for Peace Midwest 2010 Report: Kathy Bolduc, leader of Bridge for Peace Midwest reports on miraculous activities at Cloudland, their new home and soon to be retreat center at Oxford, Ohio.
  • Ciao Roma February 5: Announcing Ciao Roma 2011, a benefit for the 2011 Rome Prayer Walk.
  • Sounds of Joy February 13: Announcing the 2nd annual benefit concert to educate Ugandan Orphan Children.
  • Fortaleza Fire: Lion of Judah community greets late arrival of Bridge for Peace Team.
  • Fernando Before and After: Fernando's conversion after Bridge for Peace arrival.
  • By Jesus' Stripes We Were Healed: Testimonies of 4 miracles.
  • Depression Gone: Delivered from 40 years depression.
  • Sylvester Out of Africa: Sylvester's call to Brazil.
  • Worldwide Prayer Vigil: Bridge for Peace communities worldwide in prayer vigil.
  • Poquito: Physical healings at a meeting in the North Fork of Long Island. We build on the “poquito” in the Name of Jesus, knowing with a small change, big things are about to be discovered.
  • Mission Art Café – the Bridge for Peace Way: Presence Exhibit, an art and photo exhibit at Christ Church Episcopal in Port Jefferson. These works of art show individuals being touched by God’s healing presence.
  • Can I Get a Witness? God’s faithfulness to His word and the changes it wrought in the writer’s life.


  • Flower Power in Rome: Rhyming verse by Mark about his refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit, thereby "letting his lamp run out of oil."
  • Turn Right Here: Discerning the Lords' voice while on prayer walk in Vatican Square, "keeping her lamp full of oil."
  • Healing to the Nations: Bridge for Peace Rome Prayer Walk: The Bridge for Peace Team reached out with prayer and spiritual encouragement in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • Bourton on the Water, England: Alan Pountney writes about Bridge for Peace mission at his parish where initial reluctance about the mission by parish members changed to enthusiasm after prayers for healing are answered.
  • God is Almighty: John Sanza, Uganda Bridge for Peace member writes of financial favor and job security received from God through Bridge for Peace supporters and which caused his life to completely change.